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[ Roud 13968 ; Sacred Harp 117 ; Ballad Index Dett002 ; Mudcat 4024 ; trad.]

Swan Arcade sang Babylon, a song from the English Civil War, in 1976 on their second album, Matchless. Home Service learned the song from Swan Arcade and sang it in 1986 on their LP Alright Jack. A live recording from the same year was released in 2011 on their Fledg'ling CD Live 1986.

This video shows The Merry Wives of Windsor performing Babylon Is Fallen at the Grove of Anaheim in 2007:

False Lights sang Babylon on their 2018 CD Harmonograph. They noted:

Sacred Harp 117. A new version of a shapenote hymn, compiled as a reaction to the direction of travel in British and US politics.


Home Service sing Babylon

Hail the day so long expected, hail the day of full release
Zion's walls are now erected and the watchmen publish peace
Throughout Shilo's wide dominions hear the trumpet loudly roar

Chorus (after each verse):
Babylon is fallen, is fallen, is fallen
Babylon is fallen to rise no more

All the merchants stand in wonder what is this has come to pass
Murmuring like a distant thunder crying “Oh alas, alas”
Spread the news, ye kings and nobles, priests and people rich and poor

Sound the trumpet on Mount Zion, Christ is come a second time
Ruling with a rod of iron all who now as foes combine
Babel's garments we've rejected and our fellowship is sure