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Dream Angus

[ Roud - ; Mudcat 601 ; words George Churchill, music trad.]

Dream Angus is a song written by George Churchill set to a traditional Gaelic air. The oldest reference I could find is sheet music published by Bayley and Fergion Ltd. in 1923.

Drinkers Drouth sang Dream Angus on their 1982 album When the Kye Comes Hame. It was reissued in 2001 on their Greentrax CD A Tribute.

Gill Bowman sang Dream Angus in 1994 on her Greentrax album Perfect Lover.

Elspeth Cowie sang Dream Angus on her 2000 album Naked Voice. She noted:

A widely sung and well loved Scots lullaby, which I seem to have been singing all my life. A legacy of my days as an ‘army brat’. I learned it from Miss Peat in BFES B├╝ckeburg, Germany.

Jackie Oates sang Dream Angus in 2013 on her album Lullabies. She noted:

This is a well-known Scottish lullaby about Angus, the Celtic god of dreams, who goes about the world dispensing sweet, unsettling dreams of love to everyone he meets.


Elspeth Cowie sings Dream Angus

Can ye no hush yer weepin'
A' the wee lambs are sleepin'
Birdies are nestlin', nestlin' thegither
Dream Angus is hirplin' ower the heather

Chorus (after each verse):
Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell
Angus is here wi' dreams to sell
Hush ye my baby an' sleep without fear
Dream Angus has brought you a dream my dear

List to the curlew cryin'
Faintly the echo dyin'
Even the birdies and beasties are steepin'
But my bonnie bairn is weepin' weepin'

Jackie Oates sings Dream Angus

Can you not hush your weeping?
All the birds are sleeping,
Birdies are nestling, nestling together,
Dream Angus is hurtling o'er the heather.

Chorus (after each verse):
Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell,
Angus is here with dreams to sell.
Hush, my dear baby, and sleep without fear,
Dream Angus has brought you a dream, my dear.

List' to the curlew crying, oh,
Faintly the echoes dying, oh.
Even the birdies and beasties are sleeping
But my bonnie bairn lies weeping, weeping.

Soon the laverock sings his song,
Welcoming coming dawn,
Lambies hurry down together
With the ewes all in the heather.