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Leon Rosselson's solo and duo recordings

Songs for City Squares (1962)

Vote for Us (1964)

Songs for Sceptical Circles (1966)

Adrian Mitchell, Leon Rosselson, A Laugh, a Song, and a Hand-Grenade (1968)

The Word is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit (1971)

Palaces of Gold (1975)

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, That's Not the Way It's Got to Be (1975)

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Love, Loneliness, Laundry (1977)

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, If I Knew Who the Enemy Was ... (1979)

For the Good of the Nation (1981)

Temporary Loss of Vision (1983)

Bringing the News from Nowhere (1986)

Ballad of a Spycatcher (1987)

I Didn't Mean It (1988)

RosselSonGs (1990)

Wo sind die Elefanten? (1992)

Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter (1992)

Questions: Songs and Stories for Children (1994)

Intruders (1995)

Perspectives (1997)

Harry's Gone Fishing (1999)

The Last Chance (2002)

Turning Silence into Song (2004)

Various Artists, And They All Sang RosselSonGs (2005)

A Proper State (2008)

Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson, The Liberty Tree, (2 CD, 2010)

The World Turned Upside Down (4 CD, 2011)

Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson, No Gods No Masters, (2 DVD, 2014)

Where Are the Barricades? (2016)