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Sandy Denny

Dedicated to the memory of Sandy Denny
(6.1.1947 - 21.4.1978)

Alexandra Elene McLean Denny was born in London, England on January 6, 1947 and died on April  21, 1978. She was one of Britain’s finest and most talented singers ever. She was the lead singer of Fairport Convention and Fotheringay, played with The Strawbs, and also recorded several remarkable solo albums.

-- Biography A short overview of Sandy Denny’s life.
-- Bibliography Books about or starring Sandy Denny.
-- Album Guide For those unfamiliar with the music of Sandy Denny, this guide attempts to explain a little about her albums.
-- The Database Everything about Sandy’s records and songs.
Originally by No’am Newman - reproduced by kind permission.
-- Cover versions Sandy’s songs performed by other artists
-- For Sandy Poetry and songs for and about Sandy.
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