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The Backroom Boys & Girls: Brief Encounters

The Backroom Boys & Girls: Brief Encounters (Stormy Turtle STRC 009)

Brief Encounters
The Backroom Boys & Girls

Stormy Turtle Records / BMG-Ariola/ARIS 831 500-938 (LP, Germany, 1990)
Stormy Turtle Records STRC 009 / BMG-Ariola/ARIS 883 510-907 (CD, Germany, 1997)

All tracks recorded at Bark Studios, Walthamstow, London, except
Track [4] recorded at Trax Recording Studio, Hollywood/California and Bark Studios;
Engineer: Brian O'Shaughnessy;
Produced and mixed by Doug, Jerry & Brian;
Design and artwork: Andreas Wittig


Doug Morter, vocals, guitar;
Jerry Donahue, lead guitar, bass, vocals;
Matt Clifford, keyboards, vocals;
Gerry Conway, percussion;
Graham Lister, bass, vocals;
Mae McKenna, Linda Hayes, vocals;
Marc Donahue, keyboards;
Bob Militello, saxophone;
Gary Mallaber, drums;
Rick Kemp, bass;
Julian Dawson, harmonica


Side 1Side 2
  1. Brief Encounters (4.42)
  2. Fals Hands (Across the Table) (5.25)
  3. Shifting Sands (4.07)
  4. Say What You Say (3.53)
  5. Deep in the Darkest Night (4.30)
  1. Girl on a Harley (4.08)
  2. I Don't Want (5.29)
  3. Two Dancers (4.45)
  4. Five Minutes More (4.35)
  5. Taking the Easy Way Out (3.44)

All tracks Doug Morter except
Track 4 Jerry Donahue, Doug Morter;
Track 5 Rick Kemp;
Track 8 Paul Buckley