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Bronco: Ace of Sunlight

Bronco: Ace of Sunlight (Island SMAS-9309)

Ace of Sunlight

Island ILPS 9161 (LP, UK, 1971)
Island SMAS-9309 (LP, US, 1971)

Produced by Bronco and Richard Digby Smith;
Recorded at Island Studios, London;;
Engineer: Richard Digby Smith (with thanks to Bill Halverson);
Assistant engineers: Howard Kilgour, Trevor Lucas, Tony Platt, Ron Nevenson, Jerry Russell;
Equipment: Rusty Hayes and Alan Stone (Derek Stone);
Cover design: Annie Sullivan and Bronco


Jess Roden: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion;
Kevyn Gammond: acoustic and electric guitar;
Robbie Blunt: acoustic and electric guitar;
John Pasternak: bass guitar;
Pete Robinson: drums, congas;
Mike Ralphs: organ [1];
Ian Hunter: piano [1];
Paul Bennett: backing vocals [2, 7];
Trevor Lucas: backing vocals [2];
Paul Davenport: piano [3];
Terry Allen: organ [6];


Side 1

  1. Amber Moon (4.02)
  2. Time Slips Away (6.05)
  3. Some Uncertainty (3.39)
  4. Woman (4.18)

Side 2

  1. New Day Avenue (6.39)
  2. Discernible (3.49)
  3. Sudden Street (6.23)
  4. Joy and Pears (3.39)

Tracks 1, 5, 8 Jess Rhoden, S. Worth;
Track 2 Robbie Blunt;
Tracks 3, 4 Kevyn Gammond, C. Ward;
Track 6 K. Gammond, S. Worth;
Track 7 Jess Rhoden