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Bronco: Ace of Sunlight

Bronco: Ace of Sunlight (Island SMAS-9309)

Ace of Sunlight

Island SMAS-9309 (LP, UK, 1971)

Produced by Bronco and Richard Digby Smith;
Recorded at Island Studios, London;;
Engineer: Richard Digby Smith (with thanks to Bill Halverson);
Assistant engineers: Howard Kilgour, Trevor Lucas, Tony Platt, Ron Nevenson, Jerry Russell;
Equipment: Rusty Hayes and Alan Stone (Derek Stone);
Cover design: Annie Sullivan and Bronco


Jess Roden, vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion;
Kevyn Gammond, acoustic and electric guitar;
Robbie Blunt, acoustic and electric guitar;
John Pasternak, bass guitar;
Pete Robinson, drums, congas;
Mike Ralphs, organ [1];
Ian Hunter, piano [1];
Paul Bennett, backing vocals [2, 7];
Trevor Lucas, backing vocals [2];
Paul Davenport, piano [3];
Terry Allen, organ [6];


Side 1Side 2
  1. Amber Moon (4.02)
  2. Time Slips Away (6.05)
  3. Some Uncertainty (3.39)
  4. Woman (4.18)
  1. New Day Avenue (6.39)
  2. Discernible (3.49)
  3. Sudden Street (6.23)
  4. Joy and Pears (3.39)

Tracks 1, 5, 8 Jess Rhoden, S. Worth;
Track 2 Robbie Blunt;
Tracks 3, 4 Kevyn Gammond, C. Ward;
Track 6 K. Gammond, S. Worth;
Track 7 Jess Rhoden