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Trevor Lucas Discography

Originally compiled by Trevor Lucas with additions by Michael Hunter and David Suff.
This discography was published in Fiddlestix# 51, © 1998 Fiddlestix
and since then expanded by the web author
Reproduced with kind permission from Fiddlestix magazine.

Catalogue numbers (original release only) are given as [A] for the Australian release or [UK] for the British release, depending on where the recording was first issued.
* = produced by Trevor Lucas, ** = produced and performed by Trevor Lucas


The Folk Attick Presents (Folksong N-1898) Various Artists, The Folk Attick Presents, EP, Australia, Folksong N-1898, 1963


See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (EAS 006) Trevor Lucas, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, LP, Australia, EAST EAS 006, 1964

Australian Folk Festival (Score POL 035) Various Artists, Australian Folk Festival, LP, Australia, Score POL 035, 1964


Judy Collins: In My Life (Elektra 74027-2) Judy Collins, In My Life, LP, Elektra EKS 7320, 1966

Trevor Lucas: Overlander (Reality RY 1002) Trevor Lucas, Overlander, LP, Reality RY 1002, 1966

Trevor Lucas, Waltzing Matilda / It’s On, single, Reality RE 505, 1966

Paul McNeill: Traditionally at The Troubadour (Decca LK 4803) Paul McNeill, Traditionally at The Troubadour, LP, Decca LK 4803, 1966


A.L. Lloyd: Leviathan! (Topic 12T174) A.L. Lloyd, Leviathan!, LP, Topic 12T174, 1967

Far From the Madding Crowd (MGM SIE-11ST) Richard Rodney-Bennett, Far From the Madding Crowd (film soundtrack), LP, MGM C-8053 / SIE-11ST, 1967


Eclection: Eclection (Elektra EKS 74023) Eclection, Eclection, LP, Elektra EKS 74023, 1968

Eclection, Nevertheless / Mark Time, single, Elektra EKSN 45033, 1968

Eclection, Another Time Another Place / Betty Brown, single, Elektra EKSN 45040, 1968

Eclection, Please / St. George & the Dragon, single, Elektra EKSN 45042, 1968

Eclection, Please Mk II / In the Early Days, single, Elektra EKSN 45046, 1968
with Dorris Henderson replacing Kerrilee Male as lead singer


Fairport Convention: Unhalfbricking (Island IMCD 61) Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking, LP, Island ILPS 9102, 1969
Trevor Lucas plays triangle on Si Tu Dois Partir
Fairport Convention, Si Tu Dois Partir / Genesis Hall, single, Island WIP 6064, 1969
Trevor Lucas plays triangle on Si Tu Dois Partir


Fotheringay: Fotheringay (Hannibal HNCD 4426) Fotheringay, Fotheringay, LP, Island ILPS 9125, 1970

Fotheringay, Peace in the End / Winter Winds, single, Island WIP 6085, 1970

Stefan Grossman: The Ragtime Cowboy Jew (Transatlantic TRA 223) Stefan Grossman, The Ragtime Cowboy Jew, LP, Transatlantic TRA-E 223, 1970
Sandy and Trevor sing backing vocals on A Pretty Little Tune

Al Stewart: Zero She Flies /CBS 63848) Al Stewart, Zero She Flies, LP, CBS 63848, 1970

Southern Freedom Songs (Impact IMP-S 102) Various Artists, Southern Freedom Songs - from the play Martin Luther King, LP, Impact IMP-S 102, 1970

Bumpers (Island IDP 1) Various Artists, Bumpers, comp. 2 LP, Island IDP 1, 1970
incl. Fotheringay, The Sea


Bronco: Ace of Sunlight (Island SMAS-9309) Bronco, Ace of Sunlight, LP, Island ILPS 9161, 1971
Trevor engineers & sings backing vocals on Time Slips Away
Dr. Z, Three Parts to My Soul, LP, Vertigo 636 004 8, 1971
Trevor was assistant engineer

Sandy Denny: The North Star Grassman and the Ravens (ILPS 9165) Sandy Denny, The Northstar Grassman and the Ravens, LP, Island ILPS 9165, 1971

Eclection, Nevertheless / Another Time Another Place, single, Elektra K 121196, 1971

Marc Ellington: Rains / Reins of Changes (Talking Elephant TECD066) Marc Ellington, Rains / Reins of Changes, LP, B&C CAS 1033, 1971
Trevor and Sandy sing backing vocals on Alligator Man
Luther Grosvenor: Under Open Skies (Island ILPS 9161) Luther Grossvenor, Under Open Skies, LP, Island ILPS 9168, 1971
Trevor sings backing vocals

A.L. Lloyd et al: The Great Australian Legend (Topic 12T203) A.L. Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Trevor Lucas, The Great Australian Legend, LP, Topic 12TS203, 1971

El Pea (Island IDLP 1) Various Artists, El Pea, comp. 2 LP, Island IDLP 1, 1971
incl. Sandy Denny, Late November


The Bunch: Rock On (Island ILPS 9189) The Bunch, Rock On, LP, Island ILPS 9189, 1972 **

The Bunch, When Will I Be Loved? / Willie and the Hand Jive, single, Island WIP 6130, 1972 **

Gerry Conway, Let There Be Drums, single, Island WI 4002, 1972 **
included with the Rock On album

Fairport Convention: The History of Fairport Convention (Island ICD 4) Fairport Convention, The History of Fairport Convention, comp. 2 LP, Island ICD 4, 1972

Stefan Grossman: Hot Dogs (Transatlantic TRA257) Stefan Grossman, Hot Dogs, LP, Transatlantic TRA 257, 1972
Trevor on 12 string guitar

Sandy Denny: Sandy (Festival L34697) Sandy Denny, Sandy, LP, Island ILPS 9207, 1972 *

Sandy Denny, Listen, Listen / Tomorrow Is a Long Time, single, Island WIP 6142, 1972 *

The Strawbs, Grave New World, LP, A&M AMLH 68078, 1972


Sandy Denny: Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (Island ILPS 9258) Sandy Denny, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz, LP, Island ILPS 9258, 1973 **

Sandy Denny, Whispering Grass / Friends, single, Island WIP 6176, 1973 **

Fairport Convention: Rosie (Island IMCD 152) Fairport Convention, Rosie, LP, Island ILPS 9208, 1973 **

Fairport Convention, Rosie / Knights of the Road, single, Island WIP 6155, 1973 **

Fairport Convention, Rosie / Fiddlestix, single, Australia, Island K 5028, 1973 **

Fairport Convention: Nine (Island IMCD 154) Fairport Convention, Nine, LP, Island ILPS 9246, 1973 **


Steve Ashley, Old Rock ’n’ Roll, single, Gull GULS 9, 1974 *

Fairport Convention, The Devil in the Kitchen / Possibly Parsons Green, single, Australia, Island K 5402, 1974 **

Fairport Live Convention (Island IMCD 95) Fairport Convention, Live, LP, Island ILPS 9285, 1974 **

Brian Maxine: Ribbon of Stainless Steel (Columbia SCX 6575) Brian Maxine, Ribbon of Stainless Steel, LP, Columbia SCX 6575, 1974
Trevor plays rhythm guitar and sings backing vocals
Richard & Linda Thompson: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Island IMCD304) Richard & Linda Thompson, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, LP, Island ILPS 9266, 1974
Trevor sings backing vocals


Fairport Convention: Rising for the Moon (Island IMCD 155) Fairport Convention, Rising for the Moon, LP, Island ILPS 9313, 1975

Fairport Convention, White Dress / Tears, single, Island WIP 6241, 1975

Fairport Convention: Tour Sampler (Island TOUR 1/ISS-2) Fairport Convention, Tour Sampler, promo comp. LP, Island TOUR 1/ISS-2, 1975

Electric Muse (Island/Transatlantic 1001) Various Artists, The Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 4 LP, Island/Transatlantic Folk 1001, 1975

Island June-July 1975 (Island IXP-4) Various Artists, Island June-July 1975 New Release, LP, Island IXP4, 1975
incl. Fairport Convention, Rising for the Moon


Eclection, Nevertheless / Please, single, Elektra K 12196, 1976


Sandy Denny: Rendezvous (Hannibal HNBL 4422) Sandy Denny, Rendezvous, LP, Island ILPS 9433, 1977 *

Sandy Denny, Candle in the Wind / Still Waters Run Deep, single, Island WIP 6391, 1977 *

Richard Thompson, Live! More or Less, comp. 2 LP, Island ISLA 9421, 1977


Julie Covington: Julie Covington …plus (Virgin V23107) Julie Covington, Julie Covington, LP, Virgin V23107, 1978
Trevor plays 12 string guitar and sings chorus vocals

Julie Covington, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight / A Little Bit More, single, Virgin VS 225, 1978

Richard & Linda Thompson: First Light (Chrysalis CHR 1177) Richard & Linda Thompson, First Light, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1177, 1978
Trevor sings backing vocals

Richard & Linda Thompson, Don’t Let a Thief Steal into Your Heart / First Light, single, Chrysalis CHS 2278, 1978

Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs, Mug’s Game, LP, Australia, Mushroom L 36759, 1978

Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs, (We Got) Nothing to Lose / African Summer, single, Australia, Mushroom K-7384, 1978
Trevor on B-side only


The Tourists, 33° South, LP, Australia, Polydor 2907 058, 1979 *

33° South, 33° South / ?, single, Australia, Polydor, 1979 *

33° South, This Time It’s Love / ?, single, Australia, Polydor, 1979 *


The Bushwackers Band: Dance Album (Avenue 8140882) The Bushwackers, Dance Album, LP, Australia, Avenue SBP 237834, Image ILP 815, 1980 **

The Bushwackers, Flying Pieman / Kangaroo Hop, single, Australia, Avenue K-7978, 1980 *

Paul Kelly & The Dots, Billy Baxter / Hard Knocks, single, Australia, Mushroom K-8089, 1980 * B-side only


The Bushwackers: Faces in the Street (Festival L37595) The Bushwackers, Faces in the Street, LP, Australia, Avenue SBP 237884, L 37585, 1981 **

The Bushwackers, Les Darcey / Weevils in the Flour, single, Australia, Avenue K 8272, 1981 **

The Bushwackers, Marijuana Australiana / Ned Kelly’s Tunes, single, Australia, Avenue K 8460, 1981 *

Fairport Convention: The Airing Cupboard Tapes ’71-’74 (cassette) Fairport Convention, The Airing Cupboard Tapes, Live cassette, Woodworm, no catalogue#, 1981

Paul Kelly & The Dots, Talk, LP, Australia, Mushroom L 37512, 1981 * 1 track only


Fairport Convention: A Peculier Old Weekend (Videotech VTV003) Fairport Convention, A Peculier Old Weekend, video, Videotech VTV003, 1982

Goanna: Spirit of Place (ATCO 90081-1) Goanna, Spirit of Place, LP, Australia, WEA 600127, 1982 *

Goanna, Solid Rock / Four Weeks Gone, single, Australia, WEA 100123, 1982 *

Goanna, Razor’s Edge / On the Platform, single, Australia, WEA 7259 963, 1982 *


Fairport Convention: Folk With Poke (Island L37944) Fairport Convention, Folk With Poke, comp. LP, Australia, Island L 37944, 1983
Trevor ** on Instrumentals & Sloth

Fairport Convention: A.T. 2 (Woodworm WRC1) Fairport Convention, A.T. 2 (Live recording from 1982 Cropredy Festival), live cassette, Woodworm WRC 1, 1983

Gordon Franklin and the Wilderness Ensemble: Let the Franklin Flow (WEA 7.259941) Gordon Franklin & The Wilderness Ensemble (Goanna), Let the Franklin Flow / Franklin River - World Heritage, single, Australia, WEA 7-259941, 1983 *

Redgum: Caught in the Act (EPIC ELPS 4371) Redgum, Caught in the Act, live LP, EPIC ELPS 4371, 1983 *

Redgum, Caught in the Act / Stewie / Lear Jets Over Kulgera, single, Australia, EPIC ES-864, 1983 *
also included with the vinyl LP as a bonus EP

Redgum, The Long Run (live) / Fabulon, single, Australia, EPIC ES-883, 1983 *

Redgum, I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) / Yarralumla Wine, single, Australia, EPIC ES-844, 1983 * A-side only

Bill Smith, A Fruitcake of Australian Stories, LP, Australia, Plaza PL 002, 1983 *

Various Artists, Into the Past With the Future, promo comp. LP, Island IMCDA1, 1983


Living on an Island (Monkey Mia MONKEY 800) Bahloo, Living on an Island, LP, Australia, Monkey Mia MONKEY 800, 1984 **

Bahloo, Living on an Island / Funky Monkey Mia, single, Australia, Monkey Mia MIA 1168, 1984 *

Bahloo, Leave It in the Ground / Everyone Is Everyone, single, Australia, Monkey Mia MIA 1239, 1984 *

Goanna: Oceania (WEA 25156.1) Goanna, Oceania, LP, Australia, WEA 25156.1, 1984 *

Goanna, Common Ground / Oceania (instrumental), single, Australia, WEA 7.259238, 1984 *

John Justin, It’s Magic / ?, single, Australia, Wheatley WRS010, 1984 *

Redgum: Frontline (EPIC ELPS 442) Redgum, Frontline, LP, Australia, EPIC ELPS 4428, 1984 **

Redgum, I’ve Been to Bali Too / Still Life, single, Australia, EPIC ES 953, 1984 *

Redgum, Friday Night / The Last Frontier, single, Australia, EPIC ES 965, 1984 *

Redgum, Asio / Hira, single, Australia, EPIC ES 986, 1984 *

Strange Tenants, Movin’ Up, LP, Australia, Blue Beat TEN 1199, 1984 *

Strange Tenants, I Work at My Machine / The Firm, single, Australia, Blue Beat BB-1386, 1984 *

Strange Tenants, I Work at My Machine (Dance Mix) / Nairobi Airport / I Work at My Machine (Dance Mix), 12" single, Australia, Blue Beat BB-501, 1984 *

Various Artists, Ten Years of Countdown: An Australian Collection, comp. 2 LP, Australia, ABC RML 55001/2, 1984
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *
Various Artists, Wear the Music: 6, comp. cassette, Australia, WEA WEAR-6, 1984
incl. Goanna, Razor’s Edge *
Various Artists, Wear the Music: 12, comp. cassette, Australia, WEA WEAR-12, 1984
incl. Goanna, Factory Man *


Goanna, Song for Africa / Zanzibar, single, Australia, WEA 7.258931, 1985 * B-side only

Goanna, Dangerous Dancing / Shadow of Your Love, single, Australia, WEA 7.259072, 1985 *

Norman Gunston, Join the Dots, LP, Plaza PLAZ 1204, 1985 *

Redgum, I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) / Hira, single, CBS A-6418, 1985** B-side only

Redgum’s Greatest (EPIC ELPS 4512) Redgum, Redgum’s Greatest- Everything’s Legal, Anything Goes, comp. LP, Australia, EPIC ELPS 4512
also released in the UK as If You Don’t Fight You Lose, LP, CBS 26527, 1985 *

Strange Tenants, Shoulder to Shoulder / Cannon Fodder, single, Australia, Blue Beat BB-1426, 1985 *


Sandy Denny: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Island SDSP 100) Sandy Denny, Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, comp. 4LP, Island SDSP 100, 1986 **


Sandy Denny: The Best of Sandy Denny (Island IMCD 217) Sandy Denny, The Best of Sandy Denny, CD, Island CDSD 100, 1987 **

Wayne Gillespie: New Locations (Sony New Zealand 450406-2) Wayne Gillespie, New Locations, LP, Australia, CBS SBP 8210, 1987 **

Wayne Gillespie, Losing One / Sweet Angel, single, Australia, CBS 650331.7, 1987 *

Wayne Gillespie, This Place / Invercargill, single, Australia, CBS BA 3468, 1987 *

Redgum, The Very Best of Redgum, comp. LP, Australia, J&B JB-?, 1987 *

Fairport Convention: It All Comes ’Round Again (Island Visual Arts 083 244 3) Fairport Convention, It All Comes Round Again, Video, Island Visual Arts IVA 002, 1987

The Island Story (Island CID 25) Various Artists, The Island Story, 2 LP, Island ISL 25, 1987
incl. Fairport Convention, Si Tu Dois Partir
Various Artists, Never Underestimate the Power of a Song, comp. LP, Australia, Larrikin LRF203, 1987 *
incl. Redgum, I Was Only 19 *; Maroochy Baramba, No More Boomerang *
Through Bushes and Briar (BBC Radioplay Music TAIR 87043) Various Artists, Through Bushes and Briar, LP, BBC Radioplay Music TAIR 87043, 1987
Trevor Lucas on Tinker’s Song and I Sowed the Seeds of Love


The Bushwackers, Celebration, comp. 2 LP, Australia, CBS 460860.1, 1988 *

Sandy Denny and Friends: The Attic Tracks Vol. 1 (Friends of Fairport FOFC1) Sandy Denny and Friends, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 1, cassette, Australia, Fiddlestix FOFC-3, 1988 **

Wayne Gillespie, Hearts For / Ten Francs, single, Australia, CBS 651362.7, 1988 *

Island Life: 25 Years of Island Records (Island IBX 25) Various Artists, Island Life - 25 Years of Island Records, 7LP, Island IBX 2, 19885
incl. The Bunch, Love’s Made a Fool of You; Fotheringay, Nothing More
Various Artists, Trax: Australian Made II, comp. CD, Australia, EMI CTTRAXII, 1988
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *

1989 (Death of Trevor Lucas)

Trevor Lucas: The Attic Tracks Vol. 2: Live at the Troubadour (Friends of Fairport FOFC4) Trevor Lucas, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 2: Live at The Troubadour, live 1984, cassette, Australia, Fiddlestix FOFC-4, 1989

Sandy Denny and Friends: The Attic Tracks Vol. 3: First and Last Tracks (Friends of Fairport FOFC5) Sandy Denny and Friends, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 3: First and Last Tracks, cassette, Australia, Fiddlestix FOFC-5, 1989


Redgum / The Bushwackers, The Very Best of Redgum and the Bushwackers Band, comp. LP, J&B JB-?, 1990 *

Voices (Hannibal HNCD8301) Various Artists, Voices: A Collection of Vocalists on Hannibal Records, LP, Hannibal HNBL8301, 1990


Shane Howard, The Videos, video, Australia, BMG BMGAUS-002, 1991
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *, video directed by Trevor Lucas


Fairport Convention: From Past Archives (92-FC-12-01) Fairport Convention, From Past Archives, official bootleg CD, no label, 92-FC-12-01, 1992

Various Artists, Classic Oz Rock, comp. CD, Australia, Dino DIN 209, 1992
incl. Redgum, I Was Only 19 *; Goanna, Solid Rock *


Various Artists, High Kickin’ and Hollerin’: Bush Music for Woolshed Dances, comp. CD, Australia, Castle Music ATVCD-002, 1993
incl. track from Bushwackers Dance Album
Various Artists, Oz Rock: The Rock Collection, comp. CD, Australia, Time Life TL 527/32, 1993
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *


A.L. Lloyd: The Old Bush Songs (Larrikin LRF 354) A.L. Lloyd, The Old Bush Songs, CD, Australia, Larrikin LRF 354, 1994

The Bushwackers, So Far: 1974-1994, comp. 2CD, Australia, ABC 4797782, 1994 **

Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas: The Attic Tracks Vol. 4: Together Again (Friends of Fairport FOFC6) Trevor Lucas / Sandy Denny, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 4: Together Again, cassette, Australia, Fiddlestix FOFC-6, 1994 **
A-side: Trevor Lucas

Folk Routes (Island IMCD 197) Various Artists, Folk Routes, comp. CD, Island IMCD 197, 1994


Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas and Friends: The Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (Special Delivery SPDCD 1052) Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas and Friends, The Attic Tracks 1972-1984, comp. CD, Australia, Raven RVCD-46, 1995 **

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 2 (Rhino R2 72161) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk, Vol. 2, comp. CD, USA, Rhino R2 72161, 1995
incl. Fotheringay, Banks of the Nile


Fairport Convention: Forever Young: Cropredy 1982 (Musikfolk MFV04) Fairport Convention, Forever Young, live 1982 video, Musikfolk MFV04, 1996

Redgum, Redgum, CD EP, Australia, Epic 486546 2, 1996
incl. I Was Only 19 ** and I’ve Been to Bali Too *

New Electric Muse (Castle ESB CD 416) Various Artists, New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 416, 1996

Various Artists, Cool World, comp. 2CD, Australia, Raven RVCD-55
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *


Various Artists, This Is Australia, comp. CD, Australia, Ozworld Entertainment 1012113
incl. Redgum, I Was Only 19 *; Goanna, Solid Rock *
Various Artists, One Hit Classics of the 70s & 80s, comp. CD, Australia, BMG 74321503092
incl. Goanna, Solid Rock *

New Electric Muse II (Castle ESB CD 517) Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 517, 1997


Sandy Denny: Gold Dust: Live at the Royalty (Island IMCD 252) Sandy Denny, Gold Dust - Live at the Royalty, CD, Island IMCD 252 524493-2, 1998

Fairport Convention: Fiddlestix (Raven RVCD-47) Fairport Convention, Fiddlestix, comp. CD, Australia, Raven RVCD-47, 1998 **


Sandy Denny: Listen Listen (Island IMCD 253) Sandy Denny, Listen Listen: An Introduction to Sandy Denny, CD, Island IMCD 253, 1999


Sandy Denny: No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology (Island CRNCD7) Sandy Denny, No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology, 2 CD, Island CRNCD7, 2000

Fairport Convention: A.T. 2 / The Boot (Woodworm WR4CD034) Fairport Convention, A.T. 2 / The Boot, 4 CD, Woodworm WR4CD 034, 2000
Live recording from 1982 and 1983 Cropredy Festivals


Sandy Denny: 20<sup>th</sup> Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (A&M 4400633142) Sandy Denny, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection, CD, USA, A&M 440063314, 2002

Fairport Convention: Before the Moon (NMC pilot133) Fairport Convention, Before the Moon (live 1974), 2CD, NMC Records pilot133, 2002

Fairport Convention: Fairport unConventioNal (Free Reed FRQCD 35) Fairport Convention, Fairport unConventioNal, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 35, 2002


Dave Swarbrick: Swarb! (Free Reed FRQCD 45) Dave Swarbrick, Swarb!, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 45, 2003


Sandy Denny: A Boxful of Treasures (Fledg’ling NEST 5002) Sandy Denny, A Boxful of Treasures, 4+1 CD, Fledg’ling NEST 5002, 2004

Sandy Denny: The Collection (Spectrum) Sandy Denny, The Collection, CD, Spectrum, 2004

Fairport Convention: Cropredy Capers (Free Reed FRQCD 25) Fairport Convention, Cropredy Capers, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 25, 2004

Fotheringay: Fotheringay (Fledg’ling FLED 3044) Fotheringay, Fotheringay, CD reissue w/ bonus tracks, Fledg’ling FLED 3044, 2004

Redgum: Against the Grain (Sony 5190092000) Redgum, Against the Grain: The Redgum Anthology 1976-1986, CD, Sony 5190092000, 2004


Fairport Convention: Nine (Island IMCD 154) Fairport Convention, Nine, CD reissue with 4 bonus tracks, Island IMCD310, 2005 **

Fairport Live Convention (Island IMCD 95) Fairport Convention, Live, CD reissue with 5 bonus tracks, Island IMCD311, 2005 **

Fairport Convention: Rising for the Moon (Island IMCD 155) Fairport Convention, Rising for the Moon, CD reissue with 4 bonus tracks, Island IMCD312, 2005

Fairport Convention: Who Knows? (Talking Elephant TECD072) Fairport Convention, Who Knows? The Woodworm Archives Vol. 1 (live 1975), CD, Talking Elephant TECD072, 2005

Great Lost Elektra Singles Volume 1 (Collectors’ Choice CCM-629) Various Artists, Great Lost Elektra Singles Volume 1, CD, Collector’s Choice CCM 629, 2005


Fairport Convention: Many Ears to Please (Molldur MDCD 0601) Fairport Convention, Many Ears to Please (live in Oslo 1975), CD, Molldur MDCD 0601<, 2006/p>

White Bicycles (Fledg'ling FLED 3061) Various Artists, White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, CD, Fledg'ling FLED 3061, 2006


Fairport Convention: Live at the BBC (Island 984 538-5) Fairport Convention, Live at the BBC, 4 CD, Island 984 538-5, 2007

Sandy Denny: Live at the BBC (Universal 948 992-8) Sandy Denny, Live at the BBC, 3 CD+DVD, Universal 948 992-8, 2007

Beat-Club Progressive Times Vol. 3 1970 (Orange DVD 28203) Various Artists, Beat-Club: Progressive Times Vol. 3 1970, DVD, Orange DVD 28203, 2007


Fotheringay 2 (Fledg’ling FLED 3066) Fotheringay, 2, CD, Fledg’ling FLED 3066, 2008


Trevor Lucas: Live at the Troubadour (Talking Elephant TECD157) Trevor Lucas, Live at The Troubadour, live 1984, CD, Talking Elephant TECD157, 2010


Fotheringay: The Lost Broadcasts (Gonzo) Fotheringay, The Lost Broadcasts DVD + CD, Gonzo, 2011, not issued

Fotheringay: Essen 1970 (Thors Hammer THCD 006) Fotheringay, Essen 1970, LP/CD, Thor’s Hammer THLP 002 / THCD 006, 2011


Fotheringay: Nothing More (Universal 4718482) Fotheringay, Nothing More, 3 CD + DVD, Universal 471 848 2, 2015


Fairport Convention: Come All Ye: The First Ten Years (Universal 574 847-9) Fairport Convention Come All Ye: The First Ten Years, 7 CD, Universal 574 847-9, 2017

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