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Wayne Gillespie: New Locations

Wayne Gillespie: New Locations (Sony New Zealand 450406-2)

New Locations
Wayne Gillespie

CBS SBP 8210 (LP, Australia, 1987)
Sony New Zealand 450406-2 (CD, New Zealand, 1993)

Produced by Trevor Lucas;
Engineered by Tony Buettel;
Recorded and mixed at The Music Farm, NSW, Australia, (January-March 1986);
Executive Producer Wayne Gillespie;
Photography: Kerry Brown


Wayne Gillespie: vocals;
Denny Stanway: vocals;
Brian Holloway: guitars;
Ian Mason: keyboards, synthesisers and fairlight;
Greg Lyon: basses;
Geoff Bridgford: drums;
Marcia Howard, Rose Bygrave, Trevor Lucas: backing vocals;
Phil Emmanuel: guitar;
Ralph Frankie: saxophone;
Greg Sheehan: percussion


  1. This Place (3.47)
  2. Heart’s For (3.48)
  3. Number 37 (3.34)
  4. Wrong Way (3.43)
  5. Sweet Angel (2.57)
  6. Losing One (3.25)
  7. Ten Francs (4.05)
  8. Shadows (3.33)
  9. Your Heart (Leads You to That Fire) (3.16)
  10. Invercargill (4.24)

All tracks written by Wayne Gillespie