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Wayne Gillespie: New Locations

Wayne Gillespie: New Locations (Sony New Zealand 450406-2)

New Locations
Wayne Gillespie

CBS SBP 8210 (LP, Australia, 1987)
Sony New Zealand 450406-2 (CD, New Zealand, 1993)

Produced by Trevor Lucas;
Engineered by Tony Buettel;
Recorded and mixed at The Music Farm, NSW, Australia, in January-March 1986;
Executive Producer Wayne Gillespie;
Photography by Kerry Brown


Wayne Gillespie: vocals;
Denny Stanway: vocals;
Brian Holloway: guitars;
Ian Mason: keyboards, synthesisers and fairlight;
Greg Lyon: basses;
Geoff Bridgford: drums;
Marcia Howard, Rose Bygrave, Trevor Lucas: backing vocals;
Phil Emmanuel: guitar;
Ralph Frankie: saxophone;
Greg Sheehan: percussion


Side 1

  1. This Place (3.47)
  2. Heart’s For (3.48)
  3. Number 37 (3.34)
  4. Wrong Way (3.43)
  5. Sweet Angel (2.57)

Side 2

  1. Losing One (3.25)
  2. Ten Francs (4.05)
  3. Shadows (3.33)
  4. Your Heart (Leads You to That Fire) (3.16)
  5. Invercargill (4.24)

All tracks written by Wayne Gillespie