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“We’ll dance the FiveHundredAndTwelveſome Reel
to the tune o’ The Devil Among the Lawyers
Terry Pratchett: The Wee Free Men

Fiddlestix / The Devil in the Kitchen

[trad. arr. Lucas, Swarbrick, Donahue, Mattacks, Pegg]

This tune is known under two different names. A studio version with banjo called Fiddlestix and played by the Fairport Convention Nine lineup has been released on the cassette The Attic Tracks Vol. 1. A slightly different version of Fairport with a full orchestra was recorded in 1973 under the name of The Devil in the Kitchen and released as an Australian-only single with the B-side Possibly Parsons Green. It is available on the cassette The Attic Tracks Vol. 1 too. It was later reissued on Fiddlestix - The Best of Fairport 1972-1984 and in 2002 on the Fairport unConventioNal 4CD set. However, the sleeve notes of both albums incorrectly claim it to be Fiddlestix. Finally, this was included as bonus track on the 2005 reissue of Live

Four different live versions can be found on Fairport’s Live album (January 1974), on Before the Moon (May 1974, both with Trevor Lucas), on the It All Comes ’Round Again video recorded at Cropredy in 1987, and ten year later on The Cropredy Box (1997). The last track was included in the Dave Swarbrick anthology Swarb! too.