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Ben Nicholls: Duets (Hudson HUD042CD)

Ben Nicholls

Hudson Records HUD042CD (CD, UK, 5 April 2024)

Produced by Ben Nicholls;
Track 1 recorded by Dan Crook and Ben Nicholls;
Track 2 recorded by Ben Nicholls and Tim Eriksen;
Tracks 3, 7-8, 11-12, 14 recorded by Ben Nicholls;
Track 4 recorded by Ben Nicholls and Chris Vatalaro;
Tracks 5, 10, 13 recorded by Andy Bell;
Track 6 recorded by Sam Lakeman and Ben Nicholls;
Track 9 recorded by Alex Venguer at Story Sound NYC and Ben Nicholls;
Mixed by Andy Bell at Hudson Studios, Sheffield;
Photography by Ben Nicholls;
Cover photography by Jon Boden

KLOF Magazine review by Mike Davies


Ben Nicholls: bass, vocals [2], electric guitar [14], harmonium [1], percussion [1-2, 12];
Nadine Shah: vocals [1];
Tim Eriksen: vocals [2], bowed and stick banjo [2], guitar feedback [2];
John Smith: vocals [3], guitar [3];
Chris Vatalaro: xylophone [4], percussion [4], electronics [4];
Jon Boden: vocals [5], concertina [5];
Cara Dillon: vocals [6];
Sam Lakeman: harmonium [6];
Patsy Reid: fiddle [7];
Kris Drever: vocals [8], guitar [8];
Chaim Tannenbaum: vocals [9], banjo [9];
Martin Simpson: vocals [10], guitar [10];
Sam Sweeney: fiddle [11];
Seth Lakeman: vocals [12], tenor guitar [12], fiddle [12];
Fay Hield: vocals [13], harmonium [13];
Evan Jenkins: drums [14]


  1. The Cuckoo (Roud 413; G/D 6:1157; Henry H479) (3.50)
  2. Corydon (5.09)
  3. Down Where the Drunkards Roll (4.03)
  4. Rolling Hornpipe (2.56)
  5. Polly Vaughan (Roud 166; Laws O36; Henry H114) (4.58)
  6. I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight (Roud 858; G/D 1:52, 6:1139) (4.15)
  7. Tibby Fowler (Roud 5504; G/D 8:1691) (2.37)
  8. The Greenland Whale Fisheries (Roud 347; Laws K21; G/D 1:9) (3.05)
  9. Munchhausen (5.20)
  10. Flash Company (Roud 954) (3.53)
  11. Northern Frisk (2.45)
  12. The Fire (4.08)
  13. The Bloody Gardener (Roud 1700) (3.46)
  14. Elfen Waltz (3.11)

All tracks trad. arr. the tracks’ performers except
Track 2 Charles Wesley, A Funeral Hymn for a Believer;
Track 3 Richard Thompson;
Track 9 Friedrich Hollaender;
Track 12 Seth Lakeman;
Track 14 Joseph Labitzky

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