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James Delarre & Saul Rose: Cabin Fever

James Delarre & Saul Rose: Cabin Fever (UH 020022012)

Cabin Fever
James Delarre & Saul Rose

UH Recordings 020022012 (CD, UK, 2014)

Produced by James Delarre and Saul Rose;
Executive producer: Adrian Walker;
Recorded by Saul Rose and James Delarre at Linnburn Tower Studio in December 2013;
Mastered by NIM;
Photography by Ila Desai;
Design by Ryan Panchal


James Delarre: vocals, fiddle;
Saul Rose: vocals, melodeons


  1. The Tune Wot / Intermission (4.17)
  2. Lord Marlborough (Roud 233) (3.33)
  3. Bell Towers / The Orange in Bloom (6.24)
  4. Moreton Bay (Roud 2537) (5.29)
  5. Morris Call (Signposts) (3.11)
  6. Swansea Town (Roud 1416) (4.48)
  7. Frida's (3.26)
  8. The April March / Ellen and Andy's Celebration (5.30)
  9. Sauteur Lapin / Freca (3.29)
  10. The Saucy Bold Robber (Roud 1464) (3.18)
  11. Old Molly Oxford / The Princess Royal (5.09)

All tracks arr. James Delarre and Saul Rose;
All tracks trad. except
Track 1a, 8b, 9b James Delarre;
Track 1b Jon Swayne;
Track 2 wods trad., tune Saul Rose;
Track 3a Mike Coleman;
Track 7 Kjell-Erik Eriksson;
Track 8a Saul Rose

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