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Come Write Me Down (The Wedding Song)

[ Roud 381 ; G/D 5:980 ; Ballad Index K126 ; trad.]

This song from the repertoire of the Copper Family is known both as Come Write Me Down and The Wedding Song. It is printed in The Copper Family Song Book and in Bob Copper's book A Song for Every Season. Bob and John Copper sang it on June 4, 1965 at the Royal Festival Hall, London, which was published on the EFDSS album Folksound of Britain. Bob, Ron and John Copper sang it on the Copper Family's 4 LP set A Song for Every Season; and John Copper and his brother-in-law Jon Dudley sang it on the LP Coppersongs: A Living Tradition.

Shirley Collins' sang The Wedding Song as part of and her and her sister Dolly's Song Story which was one half of both their albums Anthems in Eden and Amaranth. This recording was also included in the 4LP anthology The Electric Muse.

In 1980 Shirley Collins toured Australia with Peter Bellamy. Although they performed separate sets, they sang duets at the end of each half of their concerts. A recording of Come Write Me Down from Sydney Opera House was included in 1999 on the Peter Bellamy anthology Wake the Vaulted Echoes.

The Arthur Family recorded Come Write Me Down in 1992 for the Fellside anthology Voices: English Traditional Songs.

Jon Boden sang Come Write Me Down as the July 17, 2010 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day.

Damien Barber and Mike Wilson sang Come Write Me Down in 2011 on their CD The Old Songs.

Pilgrim's Way sang Come Write Me Down at the Homegrown Festival at The Met in Bury in October 2012:


Come write me down, ye powers above
The man that first created love,
For I've a diamond in my eye
𝄆 Wherein all my joys and comforts lie. 𝄇

“I will give you gold, I will give you pearl
If you could fancy me, dear girl.
Rich costly robes that you shall wear
𝄆 If you could fancy me, my dear.” 𝄇

“ 'Tis not your gold shall me entice
To leave off pleasures to be a wife,
For I don't mean or intend at all
𝄆 To be at any young man's call.” 𝄇

“Then go your way you scornful dame
Since you've proved false I will prove the same.
'Tis I don't seek, but I shall find
𝄆 Some other fair maid to my mind.” 𝄇

“Oh, stay young man don't be in haste,
You seem afraid your time you will waste.
Let reason rule your roving mind
𝄆 And unto you I will prove kind.” 𝄇

So to Church they went that very next day
And were married by asking, as I've heard say,
And now that girl she is his wife,
𝄆 She will prove his comfort day and night. 𝄇

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