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Bold Doherty

[ Roud 2992 ; Ballad Index RcBolDoh ; trad.]

Mary Ann Carolan sang Bold Doherty in 1978 in her home in Hill o' Rath, Co. Louth. This recording by Roly Brown was released in 1982 on her Topic album Songs from the Irish Tradition and on the 1998 Topic anthology They Ordered Their Pints of Beer and Bottles of Sherry (The Voice of the People Volume 13).

Norma Waterson sang Bold Doherty in 1994 on Waterson:Carthy's eponymous debut album Waterson:Carthy. Nancy Kerr plays fiddle. Martin Carthy commented in the sleeve notes:

Norma learned Bold Doherty from a recording of the Drogheda singer Mary Ann Carolan, and according to Sean Corcoran in his notes, although it's just a piece of a longer song, what she has hangs together just fine. We agree. The tune is one of those which visits just about every corner of the universe before landing back on its own front doorstep, and Norma's been itching to sing it almost since she heard Mary Ann back in 1978.


Norma Waterson sings Bold Doherty

My name is Bold Doherty from the north country
Where there's a still upon every stream
Landlady be quicker and bring us more liquor
And fill us a pitcher that's stronger than cream
If I had you Molly so pleasant and jolly
Although it's a folly to ask you at all
But if I had a glass and a mile to the bottom
I'd drink to you Molly beside Donegal

Chorus (after each verse):
(And sing) Folderol day folderol laddity
Folderol lay raddely folderol day

I'd a new pair of clogs I brought home from the market
I wanted an excuse for to go to the town
I told me old mother the seams they were ripped
And I needed some nails for to rivet them round
She clothed me hand with a bright golden shilling
She thought the remainder it would be her own
She says when you go to town you may buy half a noggin
But be sure you leave all of them fancifuls home

When crossing the hills of me brave Enniskillen
I went to an alehouse for to take a dram
There I saw two tinkers dividing a saucepan
Although they were arguing about a tin can
Then one of them made such a blow to the other
And said you old villain I will take your life
For your saucepans are leaking and can't hold the water
Since ever bold Doherty spoke to your wife

And when I got home well the door it was bolted
I rapped up my mother for to let me in
Begone from the place were the words that she mentioned
For inside this door you will not enter in
You may go away to wherever you came from
For to keep you out now I'm sure 'tis no sin
I said me good woman you can keep your temper
And I can get lodging with Nora McGlynn

(Repeat first verse)


Transcribed by Garry Gillard.

A very slightly different version was posted in the Mudcat Café thread Lyr Req: Bold Doherty . Thanks as ever to Wolfgang Hell.