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The Watersons Chronolography

All known recordings by the Watersons and Waterson:Carthy, or with Watersons tracks or participation by Waterson family members and covers of Lal and Mike Waterson's songs.

However, records with Martin Carthy but no other Waterson members are listed nearby in the Martin Carthy Chronolography. And recordings with Eliza Carthy are listed in the Eliza Carthy Discography.


Harry Boardman, Maureen Craik, The Waterson Family, New Voices, LP, Topic 12T125

The Watersons, Frost and Fire: A Calendar of Ceremonial Folk Songs, LP, Topic 12T136

Folksound of Britain (EMI/HMV CLP 1910) Various Artists, Folksound of Britain, LP, HMV CLP 1910, 1965

The Folksound of Britain (EMI/HMV 7EG 8911) Various Artists, The Folksound of Britain: Northumbria / West Country, EP, HMV 7EG 8911, 1965

The Watersons, Travelling for a Living, video, director Derrick Knight


The Watersons, The Watersons, LP, Topic 12T142

The Watersons, A Yorkshire Garland, LP, Topic 12T167

Various Artists, Folk Songs: An Anthology, LP, Topic Sampler 2, TPS145

Various Artists, Men at Work, LP, Topic Sampler 3, TPS166


Various Artists, Blue Bell Folk, LP, private issue, no record number, 1969; CD, Hallamshire Traditions HATRCD10, 2014


Various Artists, Folk Songs: A Collection of Ballads & Broadsides, LP, Topic Sampler 6, TPS201


Various Artists, Sea Songs and Shanties, LP, Topic Sampler 7, TPS205

Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band, No Roses, LP, Pegasus PEG 7, 1971


Lal and Mike Waterson, Bright Phoebus, LP, Trailer LES 2076

Lal and Mike Waterson, Rubber Band / Red Wine and Promises, single, Transatlantic BIG 507


Various Artists, Kertalg 74, LP, Barclay BAR 90 011


The Watersons, For Pence and Spicy Ale, LP, Topic 12TS265

Electric Muse (Island/Transatlantic 1001) Various Artists, The Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 4 LP, Island/Transatlantic Folk 1001, 1975


Various Artists, Folkfestival '76 Dranouter, LP, Parsifal 2000 181

Various Artists, Folk Festival, 2 LP, Transatlantic TRA(D) 324


Lal and Norma Waterson, A True Hearted Girl, LP, Topic 12TS331

Mike Waterson, Mike Waterson, LP, Topic 12TS332

The Watersons, Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, LP, Topic 12TS346

The Transports (Free Reed FRRD 021/022) Peter Bellamy et al, The Transports, 2 LP, Free Reed FRR 021/022, 1977

Various Artists, 6. Folk-Festival auf der Lenzburg, 2LP, VoxPop 4005/6


Peter Bellamy, Both Sides Then, LP, Topic 12TS400

Various Artists, Folk Vol. 1: Musik aus England, Irland und Schottland, LP, Anvil ANV001


Various Artists, The Good Old Way, LP, Topic TPSS412


The Watersons, Green Fields, LP, Topic 12TS415


Richard & Linda Thompson, Shoot Out the Lights, LP, Hannibal HNBL 1303

Richard & Linda Thompson, Don't Renege on Our Love, single, Hannibal HNS 703


Various Artists, Sounds of Yorkshire, LP, Yorkshire HAR 844, 1985


The Holme Valley Tradition, Will's Barn, cassette, EFDSS VWML 002


The Watersons, Frost and Fire: A Calendar of Ceremonial Folk Songs, CD, Topic TSCD136, 1990

The Mrs Ackroyd Band, Oranges and Lemmings, cassette/CD, Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 007

Richard Thompson et al, Hard Cash, LP/CD, Special Delivery SPD/SPDCD 1027, 1990


Various Artists, From the Humber to the Tweed, cassette, Whitby Folk Week, WFW 25


Peter Bellamy, Both Sides Then, CD, Fledgling FLE 1002, 1992

Les Barker, Some Love, CD, Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 009

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992


The Watersons, For Pence and Spicy Ale, CD, Topic TSCD462, 1993

Various Artists, The Transports at Whitby, cassette, RED 011

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Funny Old World, No Masters NMCD3

Various Artists, Blow the Man Down, CD, Topic TSCD464

Various Artists, Undefeated, 2 cassettes, Fuse M100, 1993


The Watersons, Early Days, CD, Topic TSCD472, 1994

Waterson:Carthy, Waterson:Carthy, CD, Topic TSCD475

A. L. Lloyd, Ballades et Shanties des Matelots Anglais, CD, Le Chasse-Marée SCM 030, 1994

The Mrs Ackroyd Band, Gnus and Roses, CD, Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 010

No Masters Voice (No Masters NMVCD4) No Masters Voice (No Masters NMVCD4) Various Artists, No Masters Voice, CD, No Masters NMVCD4, 1994

Various Artists, Out on the Rolling Sea, CD, Hokey Pokey 2004.2


Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1 (Rhino R2 72160) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1, CD, Rhino R2 72160, 1995


Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight, Once in a Blue Moon, CD, Topic TSCD478

Norma Waterson, Norma Waterson, CD, Hannibal/Carthage HNCD 1393

Waterson:Carthy, Common Tongue, CD, Topic TSCD488

Various Artists, English & Scottish Folk Ballads, CD, Topic TSCD480

Various Artists, New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 3CD, Castle Music ESBCD 416

Various Artists, The Season Round, CD, Topic TSCD700

Various Artists, The Voice of Folk, CD, Topic TSCD705


Gerry Hallom, On the Periphery, CD, William Boyd Music WBMCD001

Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3CD, Castle Music ESBCD 517


The Watersons, Green Fields, CD, Topic TSCD500

The Watersons, Reflections, 3CD re-release, 1998?, Topic TSBX1002

Various Artists, Round Cape Horn: Traditional Songs of Sailors, Ships and the Sea, CD, Topic TSCD499

The Rough Guide to English Roots Music (World Music RGNET 1018 CD) Various Artists, The Rough Guide to English Roots Music, CD, World Music RGNET 1018 CD, 1998

In Search of the English Folk Song, video, dir. Ken Russell

Various Artists, Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendezvous: The Songs of Elvis Costello, CD, WEA/Atlantic/Rhino, ca. 1998


Peter Bellamy, Wake the Vaulted Echoes, 3 CD, Free Reed FRTCD 14

Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight, A Bed of Roses, CD, Topic TSCD505

Lal and Norma Waterson, A True Hearted Girl, CD, Topic TSCD507

Waterson:Carthy, Broken Ground, CD, Topic TSCD509

Mike Waterson, Mike Waterson, CD, Topic TSCD516

Norma Waterson, The Very Thought of You, CD, Rykodisc HNCD 1430

Various Artists, English Originals, CD, Topic TSCD706

Various Artists, The Folk Collection, 2 CD, Topic TSCD707/8

Various Artists, The Wings of Butterflies, CD, Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 013


Lal and Mike Waterson, Bright Phoebus, CD, Trailer/Leader LESCD 2076

Norma Waterson, Bright Shiny Morning, CD, Topic TSCD520

And We'll All Have Tea (Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106) Various Artists, And We'll All Have Tea… English Folk Anthology, 2 CD, Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106, 2000

Port Fairy Folk Festival (Shock PFFF002CD) Various Artists, Port Fairy Folk Festival, CD, Shock PFFF002CD, 2000

Various Artists, Tanz- & Folkfest Rudolstadt 2000, CD, HeiDeck HD20005

Voices in Harmony (Fellside FECD158) Various Artists, Voices in Harmony: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD158, 2001


The Folk Awards Various Artists, The Folk Awards, CD, Topic TSCD850, 2001

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Various Artists, A Christmas Celtic Sojourn, CD, Rounder Records
Includes The Ditchling Carol from Waterson:Carthy's Broken Ground


Oliver Knight, Mysterious Day, CD, Topic TSCD528

Blue Murder, No One Stands Alone, CD, Topic TSCD537

Waterson:Carthy, A Dark Light, CD, Topic TSCD536

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Twenty-Four Seven, CD, No Masters NMCD20
Includes two songs by Mike Waterson

The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001) Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

Various Artists, Heart of England Volume Two, 2 CD, Teenage Cancer Trust TCTCD 102/103, 2002

Huntingdon Folk 3 (SVL 08CD) Various Artists, Huntingdon Folk 3, CD, Speaking Volumes SVL 08CD, 2002

Shining Bright (Topic TSCD519) Various Artists, Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson, CD, Topic TSCD519, 2002

This Label Is Not Removable (Free Reed FRTCD 25) Various Artists, This Label is Not Removable, 3 CD, Free Reed FRTCD 25, 2002


Eliza Carthy, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6005

Martin Carthy, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6001

The Watersons, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6004

Roots & Wings (Holmfirth Festival HFRCD25) Various Artists, Roots & Wings: Holmfirth Festival 25 Years Anniversary, CD, Holmfirth Festival HFRCD25, 2 CD, 2003

Song Links (Fellside FECD176D) Various Artists, Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australian Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD176D, 2003


The Watersons, Mighty River of Song, 4 CD +  DVD, Topic TSFCD 4002

Waterson:Carthy, Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand, CD, Topic TSCD542

Bob Davenport: The Common Stone (Topic TSCD552) Bob Davenport, The Common Stone, CD, Topic TSCD552, 2004

Various Artists: Evolving Tradition 4 (Mrs Casey MCRCD4002) Various Artists, Evolving Tradition 4, CD, Mrs Casey MCRCD4002, 2004

Folk Festival Sidmouth (Godd Disks GOTTBOX 011) Various Artists, Folk Festival: A Celebration of Music Recorded at the Sidmouth International Festival, 2 CD, Gott Disks GOTTBOX 011, 2004

Various Artists, Sailors' Songs & Sea Shanties, CD, Highpoint HPO6007

Various Artists, The English Collection: A Definitive Collection of Classic English Folk Music, CD, Highpoint HPO6010


Waterson:Carthy, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6012

The Watersons, A Yorkshire Christmas, CD, Witchwood Media WMCD 2029

Various, The Fairport Companion: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Family Tree, 2 CD, Castle Music CMDDD1337

Never the Same (HJRCD19) Various Artists, Our Folk Music Heritage, CD, Honest Jon's HJRCD19, 2005


Norma Waterson, The Definitive Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6013, 2006

Waterson:Carthy, Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man, CD, Topic TSCD562, 2006

Live in Hope: The Wildlife Album 2 (Market Square MSMCD139) Various Artists, Live in Hope: The Wildlife Album 2, CD, Market Square MSMCD139, 2006

Various Artists, Midwinter, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 30, 200, 20066

Various Artists, Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys, 2CD, Anti/Epitaph 6817-2

Rubber Folk (Gott Disks GOTTCD035) Various Artists, Rubber Folk, CD, Gott GOTTCD035, 2006


Jo Freya's Lal Waterson Project, Lal, CD, No Masters NMCD27

Various Artists, Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson, CD, Honest Jon's HJRCD31

Peggy Seeger and Friends, Three Score and Ten, 2 CD, Appleseed APR CD 1100

The Watersons, Frost and Fire: A Calendar of Ceremonial Folk Songs, CD reissue, Topic TSCD563

The Watersons, Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, CD reissue, Topic TSCD564

Folk Awards 2007 Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2007, 3 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK03, 2007

Cool As Folk (Gott GOTTCD070) Various Artists, Cool As Folk (Cambridge Folk Festival 1999-2006), 2 CD, Gott GOTTCD070, 2007


The Watersons, For Pence and Spicy Ale, CD reissue, Topic TSCD574

James Yorkston, When the Haar Rolls In, CD, Domino WIGCD221

Never Chance Your Luck Against the Sea (Deckchair Productions DPCD 102/3) Various Artists, Never Chance Your Luck Against the Sea, 2 CD, Deckchair DPCD 102/3, 2008

50 Years of Folk Music in Newcastle (LM-0006966) Various Artists, 50 Years of Folk Music in Newcastle, 2 CD, private issue, LM-0006966, 2008


Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson, Gift, CD, Topic TSCD579, 2010


Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson with Martin Carthy, Gift, 2 CD, Scarlet SR029CD / DVD Scarlet SR029DVD, 2011

The Waterson Family, Live at Hull Truck, DVD, Beautiful North BNDVD002, 2011

Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight, The Days That Shaped Me, CD, One Little Indian TLP1087CD, 2011

Folk Awards 2011 (Proper PROPERFOLK11) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2011, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK11, 2011

Various Artists, One Night for Norma, CD, Scarlet SR027CD, 2011

The Rough Guide to English Folk (World Music RGNET 1261 CD) Various Artists, The Rough Guide to English Folk, 2 CD, World Music RGNET 1261 CD, 2011


Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight, Hidden, CD, One Little Indian TPLP1157CD, 2012


Lal Waterson, Teach Me to Be a Summer's Morning, book w/ CD, Fledg'ling FLED3095, 2013

Norma Waterson, Coal Not Dole, digital download single, Topic


Folk Legacy: The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival (Traditional Arts Development) Various Artists, The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival, 2 CD, Traditional Arts Development, 2014


Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock, Two Wolves, LP/CD, One Little Indian TPLP1284/TPLP1284CD, 2015

Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD624) Various Artists, Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD624, 2015


Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock, Death Had Quicker Wings Than Love, LP/CD, One Little Indian TPLP1419/TPLP1419CD, 2017

Topic: The Real Sound of Folk Music (Topic TICD001) Various Artists, Topic Records: The Real Sound of Folk Music, 2 CD, Topic TICD001, 2017


Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson, Anchor, CD, Topic TSCD594, 2018

The Watersons, Waterson:Carthy, An Introduction to, CD, Topic TICD006, 2018

Norma Waterson, An Introduction to, CD, Topic TICD012, 2018


Marry Waterson & Emily Barker: A Window to Other Ways (One Little Indian TPLP1482CD) Marry Waterson & Emily Barker, A Window to Other Ways, CD, One Little Indian TPLP1482CD, 29 March 2019

Various Artists: Instant Replay (ECC ECC100-014) Various Artists, Instant Replay, 3 LP + USB, ECC ECC100-014, 2019

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Songs of Lal Waterson
Songs of Mike Waterson


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