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Her White Gown

[Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]

This song was sung by Lal Waterson accompanied by Oliver Knight on guitars on their album Once in a Blue Moon.

Cover Versions

  1. Charlotte Greig on Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson (2007)


Her white gown hung so long on the ground,
she kicked at the hem to turn around.
And 'good-dayed' my afternoon. In among her heirlooms,
she confused my fortunes low in me, my high room.

I had always peered round the corner,
before I appeared on the bend.
Her wealth and position put off my affection,
but she turned my direction, changed my ambition.

The sunshine casts a long shaded line,
that sneakily shins up her spine.
When it reaches her shoulder blade my fingers trace the shapes.
And I'm in this strange embrace when I hear my heart break.

Her white gown hung so long on the ground,
I kicked at the hem to turn her around.
And 'good-dayed' her afternoon. In among her heirlooms
She confused my fortunes for a moment or two.