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Migrating Bird

[Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]

This song was sung by Lal Waterson and accompanied by Oliver Knight playing the guitar on their album A Bed of Roses.

Cover Versions

  1. Grace Notes on their album Anchored to the Time (2001)
  2. Jo Freya’s Lal Waterson Project, Lal (2007)
  3. Vashti Bunyan on Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson (2007)


Farewell my migrating bird
God bless and keep you
As you leave these English shores

May your flight be feather light
And may your journey
Keep you safe from foreign wars

Fly on feathered wings
Warm clouds, soft winds
May you find your rest
In a safe nest

Keep your head in the sky
And you will hear
The battle pass you by