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Morning Trumpet

[ Roud 15077 ; Sacred Harp 85 ; Ballad Index dtSEEJE ; Mudcat 79284 ; trad.]

The Watersons sang the hymn Morning Trumpet in 1977 on their album Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy. A.L. Lloyd commented in the sleeve notes:

George Pullen Jackson reckons this ’one of the best examples of revival spiritual song’, and ’one of the most widely sung of all folk hymns’. B.F. White ( 1800-79), an itinerant singing teacher and preacher, composed the tune. White, the chief compiler of the influential Sacred Harp hymnal (1844), was also the composer of the ballad The Lone Pilgrim, beloved of Southern sacred singers. The words of Morning Trumpet are by the Baptist writer John Leland (1754-1841), who was born and died in Massachusetts but spent several years as a hellfire preacher in the mountain areas of Virginia and North Carolina. Many versions of this hymn are sung, some more electrifyingly Holy Rollerish than others.

Jack Rutter learned Morning Trumpet from the Watersons’ album and sang it in 2017 on his CD Hills.


The Watersons sing Morning Trumpet

Oh, when shall I see Jesus and reign with Him above
And shall hear the trumpet sound in that morning
And from the flowing fountain drink everlasting love
And shall hear the trumpet sound in that morning

Chorus (after each verse):
Shout of glory for I shall mount above the sky
When I hear the trumpet sound in that morning

When shall I be delivered from this vain world of sin
And shall hear the trumpet sound in that morning
And with my blessed Jesus drink endless pleasures in
And shall hear the trumpet sound in that morning

Through grace I feel determined to conquer though I die
And then away to Jesus on wings of love I’ll fly
Farewell to sin and sorrow I bid them both adieu
And O my friends prove faithful and on your way pursue

Oh do not be discouraged for Jesus is your friend
And if you lack for knowledge he’ll not refuse to land
Neither will He upbraid you, though often you request
He’ll give you grace to conquer and take you home to rest


Transcribed from the singing of the Watersons by Garry Gillard.