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Mysterious Day

[Oliver Knight]

Christine Collister sang Mysterious Day in 2002 as the title track of Oliver Knight’s first solo album Mysterious Day.

Miranda Sykes sang Mysterious Day in 2005 on her eponymous CD Miranda Sykes Band.

Daphne’s Flight sang Mysterious Day on their 2023 album Love Is the Weapon of Choice, their first album after Christine Collister left the group and was replaced by Miranda Sykes.


Christine Collister sings Mysterious Day

Wake up sleepy heads, rise and shine
Time to dust down and clear your cloudy mind
The dawn is singing its joy and praise
A misty morning with a sunshine haze

The world’s gone crazy, the sky’s a fire
A shepherd’s warning as the sun climbs higher
All our dreams fade with the dew
And all that’s left is this wond’rous view

Chorus (after each verse):
So roll out the morning
Clear the way
Roll out the morning
Unwind this mysterious day

A brand new day awaits your grace
It makes you welcome with a warm embrace
Step outside and breathe in the air
Savour the moment and keep it with care

Here comes the night time to cover us
Here comes the moon to keep some love in us
There goes the day and all its mistakes
I’ll keep a hold of you until a new day breaks

(© 2002 Topic Records)