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Once in a Blue Moon

[Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]

Lal Waterson and her son Oliver Knight’s first album Once in a Blue Moon (issued in 1996) is named after this this song but doesn’t contain it.

However, Lal’s sister Norma Waterson sang Once in a Blue Moon in 2002 on Oliver Knight’s album Mysterious Day with Christine Collister singing backing vocals, Oliver Knight playing guitar, and Chris Parkinson on piano and harmonica. This track was also included in 2001 on the Topic sampler A Woman’s Voice.


Norma Waterson sings Once in a Blue Moon

My heart was broken by someone
Sweeter than a rose
That then opens and blossoms
Only to close

Sweet perfume
Once in a blue moon
And then it fades when you hold it
Underneath your nose

Can anyone direct me
To that heartbreak infirmary?
Is there such a place
For this poor casualty?
Heart broken by someone
Sweeter than a rose
That opens
Only to close

Making friendships when the war ended
Many years ago
Travelled the road with a work shy
Roving Romeo

When they sang those songs of love
I never understood
A generation sweeter than a rose


Does it show what happens to me?
Is it so? Can everyone see?
Sentimentality’s creeping all over me
I’ve let myself go