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Sheffield Waltz / Waltz Clog / The Wounded Hussar
Rowling Hornpipe / Our Cat Has Kitted / Bleaton Gardens / Sportsman’s Hornpipe
Dorrington Lads / Adam a’Bell

[trad. arr. Eliza Carthy, Saul Rose / trad. arr. Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Saul Rose]

These are three sets of tunes played by Waterson:Carthy on their third album Broken Ground. Martin Carthy commented in the album sleeve notes:

The rest of the tunes [besides The Royal Forester] on the album are basically down to Liza’s hard work and love of ferreting around endlessly in the books of English tunes which are appearing these days—if you keep your eyes open! The set of waltzes is English, Quebecois and English. The second set of tunes starts with two English double hornpipes in 3/2 followed by a reel from the fine Scotsman Brian McNeill and closing with an ordinary (single?) hornpipe called The Sportsman’s. The third set is of two classic double hornpipes in 9/4—Dorrington Lads and Adam a’Bell—which come from a manuscript of tunes in the repertoire of a piper called William Dixon who had a massive reputation as a virtuoso. The manuscript is dated 1732 and is apparently reprinted in a book called William Dixon: Master Piper: Nine notes that shook the world.