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Summer Lighting

[Oliver Knight]

Barry Coope sang Oliver Knight’s song Summer Lightning in 2002 on the latter’s first solo album, Mysterious Day.


Barry Coope sings Summer Lightning

Summer lightning
Can be very frightening
Can I phone home
To reassure my skin and bone?

It ain’t long distance
I hate to be persistent
But I need to talk to her
Just to know that she’s still there

And you cry like a baby
Wishing you were home
In the arms of your mother
A child in a storm
And you call her for comfort
Because you need a hand to hold
Summer lightning can be frightning
When you’re only ten years old

Dark clouds pass by
Like the lovers that have told you lies
And the wind blows strong
It makes you feel like there’s something wrong

And here you find me
With a moment that reminds me
Of a time that terrified me
And now is deep inside me


I was wasted
And the storm was in my head
I’m expecting blue skies
I’m just waiting for my shoes to dry.

(© 2002 Topic Records)