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Wilson’s Arms

[Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]

Lal Waterson sang Wilson’s Arm, accompanied by her son Oliver Knight on guitar, in 1996 on their album Once in a Blue Moon.

Cover Versions

  1. Jo Freya’s Lal Waterson Project, Lal (2007)
  2. Danny & the Champions of the World on Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson (2007)


Lal Waterson sings Wilson’s Arm

Spent all last night in Wilsons Arms,
When I got home I was looking straight ahead.
I’ve got a low pain threshold in love,
A common heart fancy full as well.

Didn’t I, didn’t I in my youth,
Under my pillow put a little white tooth.
Haven’t I always had those just in case blues.

For history come down to the seaside for the day,
And see that coast line crumbling away.
Rent out a seat, come and see the Bay Girls jump those waves,
Just to pass away the time of day.

Well there goes Golden, she’s a brand new colour in her hair.
Running down the hill looking in the window.
Running down the hill, patting down the colour in her mane.
Golden Bain, your hair’s on flame.


Coastal breezes wrapped round seaweed, it’s lover’s day, it’s lover’s day,
Another season is on her way.
And when you leave, you’ll leave your dreams
Strung over Bay, strung over Bay.