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Discography of Eliza Carthy

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Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr (1993)

Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr, Shape of Scrape (1995)

Heat Light & Sound (1996)

Eliza Carthy & The Kings of Calicutt (1997)

Red Rice (1998)

Red (1998)

Rice (1998)

Angels & Cigarettes (2000)

Train Song (2001)
Promo CD including a “DNA mix” of Train Song

Martin Green & Eliza Carthy, Dinner (December 2001)

Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr, On Reflection (2002)

Anglicana (2002)

The Definitive Collection (2003)

Rough Music (2005)

Dreams of Breathing Underwater (2008)

Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson, Gift (2010)

Eliza Carthy: Neptune (Hem Hem HHR001CD) Neptune (2011)

Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson, The Gift Band Live on Tour (2011)

Wayward Daughter (2 CD, 2013)

The Mark Radcliffe Folk Sessions (digital download, 2013)

Carthy Hardy Farrell Young, Laylam (2013)

My Music (DVD, 2013)

Martin & Eliza Carthy, The Moral of the Elephant (2014)

Eliza Carthy and Jim Moray,The Wayward Tour Live (DVD+CD, 2015)

Eliza Carthy & Tim Eriksen, Bottle (2015)

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, You Know Me (single, 2015)

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, Fade & Fall (Love Not) (single, 2016)

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, Big Machine (CD, 2017)

An Introduction to Eliza Carthy (2018)

Martin & Eliza Carthy, Live at the Pavilion (CD+DVD, 2018)

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, Anchor (2018)

Restitute (2019)

Eliza Carthy & Ben Seal: Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known) (Hem Hem HHR20201) Eliza Carthy &Ben Seal, Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known) (1 April 2020)

Eliza Carthy: The Eliza Carthy Demos (Hem Hem HEM002CD) The Eliza Carhy Demos (10 July 2020)

Eliza Carthy: Live to Air (Hem Hem HEM004CD) Live to Air (13 November 2020)

> Eliza Carthy > Records > Eliza with Waterson:Carthy

Waterson:Carthy (1994)

Common Tongue (1996)

Broken Ground (1999)

Blue Murder, No One Stands Alone (2002)

A Dark Light (2002)

The Watersons, The Definitive Collection (2003)

The Watersons, Mighty River of Song (2004)

Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand (2004)

The Definitive Collection (2005)

Norma Waterson, The Definitive Collection (2006)

Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man (2006)

The Waterson Family, Live at Hull Truck (DVD, 2011)

The Watersons, Waterson:Carthy, An Introduction to (30 March 2018)

> Eliza Carthy > Records > Eliza with The Imagined Village

The Imagined Village (2007)

Empire and Love (January 2010)

The Imagined Village, Bending the Dark (May 2012)

> Eliza Carthy > Records > Anthologies and Project Albums with Original Tracks of Eliza

This lists only “interesting” albums, i.e. those with tracks not available elsewhere. Other Eliza Carthy appearances as part of Waterson:Carthy are listed on the Watersons compilation webpage.

> Eliza Carthy > Records > Eliza on Other People's Records

Mrs Ackroyd Band, Oranges and Lemmings (1990)

Les Barker, Some Love (1992)

Mrs Ackroyd Band, Gnus and Roses (1994)

Hiru Truku, Hiru Truku: Mendebaleko euskal baladak (1994)

Norma Waterson, Norma Waterson (1996)

Chipolata 5, Skinless (1997)

Brian Peters, Sharper Than the Thorn (1997)

Billy Bragg & Wilco, Mermaid Avenue (1998)

Texas T. Rex and Tristan Chipolata, The Reality Check (1998)

Lal & Norma Waterson, A True Hearted Girl (1 track on the 1999 CD reissue)

Norma Waterson, The Very Thought of You (1999)

Billy Bragg & Wilco, Mermaid Avenue Vol. II (2000)

Roger McGuinn, Treasures from the Folk Den (2001)

Oliver Knight, Mysterious Day (2002)

Linda Thompson, Fashionably Late (2002)

Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Jack o the Green (2003)

Martin Carthy, Waiting for Angels (2004)

Paul Weller, Studio 150 (2004)

La Boum!, Marionette (2005)

Salsa Celtica, El Camino (March 2006)

Billy Bragg, William Bloke (2006)

The Park Bench Social Club, Sit on This (2007)

Peggy Seeger, Three Score and Ten (2007)

Linda Thompson, Versatile Heart (2007)

Patrick Wolf, The Bachelor (2009)

Jim Moray, In Modern History (2010)

The No Good Sinners, My Demo (2010)

David Rotheray, The Life of Birds (2010)

Red Snapper, Key (2011)

Spiers & Boden, The Works (2011)

Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight, The Days That Shaped Me (2011)

Auburn, Indian Summer (2012)

Billy Bragg & Wilco, Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions (3 CD + DVD, 2012)

Mawkin, Crow (2012)

Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight, Hidden (2012)

√Čamonn Coyne & Kris Drever, Storymap (2013)

David Rotheray, Answer Ballads (2013)

Linda Thompson, Won't Be Long Now (2013)

The Rails, Fair Warning (2014)

Steve Turner, Late Cut (2018)

Will Pound, Through the Seasons (2018)

> Eliza Carthy > Records > More Compilations

This is a list of some compilations with tracks from Eliza's records, but surely not comprehensive due to the sheer amount of them. Further appearances of Eliza as part of Waterson:Carthy are listed on the Watersons compilation webpage.