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Snuffbox: Playing for Free

Snuffbox: Playing for Free (Skye SRCDX004)

Playing for Free

Skye Records SRCDX004 (CD, UK, 2017)

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Produced by Iain Copeland;
Recorded at Carrier Waves Studio, Glasgow;
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering


Luc McNally: guitar;
Charlie Stewart: fiddle;
Rufus Huggan: cello


  1. Reels: Anna Lacey’s / Johnny Willmott’s Fiddle / The Girls at Martinfield (5.23)
  2. Playing for Free (3.55)
  3. Limerick: Unknown Jig / Brian O’Lynn (4.05)
  4. Chazza’s Circus: Whistle O’er the Love o’ It / Charlie Stewart’s (6.17)
  5. Lucy’s 25: Lucy’s Lament / Feis Rois 25 (7.24)
  6. A Harsh February (4.46)
  7. Down the River (4.50)
  8. Onions: Onions / Ne’er Shall Wean Her (8.05)
  9. Yer Maw’s: Yer Maw’s / Dawted Mary (3.29)
  10. Sleeping Stars (3.29)

Track 1a Liz Carroll;
Tracks 1b, 3ab, 8b, 9b trad.;
Tracks 1c, 6 Phil Cunningham;
Track 2 Rufus Huggan, Craig Irving, Charlie Stewart;
Track 4b Marie Fielding;
Tracks 5a, 7, 10 Rufus Huggan;
Track 5b Lauren MacColl;
Track 8a Charlie Stewart;
Track 9a Rufus Huggan, Charlie Stewart

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Charlie Stewart, Luc McNally: She’s a Keeper

Charlie Stewart, Luc McNally: She’s a Keeper (own label CSLMCD0001)

She’s a Keeper
Charlie Stewart, Luc McNally

own label CSLMCD0001 (CD, UK, 2019)

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Luc McNally: vocals [3, 6, 10, 12], guitar;
Charlie Stewart: fiddle


  1. She’s a Keeper / Lord McConnell (7.23)
  2. Calum a’ Ghlinne / Ann Crann-tàra / Dr Donald MacDonald of Alligin (8.52)
  3. Time (4.58)
  4. Running the Cross / The Bass Rock / The Malbay Shuffle (6.35)
  5. Barra to Balloch / George Fraser (4.12)
  6. Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Roud 386) (5.12)
  7. Tommy Darky’s Welcome to Raasay / Màili Ceit’s Jig / The Rose (4.49)
  8. Bothan an Easan (3.43)
  9. Fàgail Chlaschu / Christy Barry’s (5.55)
  10. The Beast (3.52)
  11. Airidh nam Badan / Thursday Night in the Calley / Joe Bane’s Reel (7.54)
  12. Girl from the North Country (3.59)

Track 3 Tom Waits;
Track 6 trad.;
Track 12 Bob Dylan

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Rebecca Hill & Charlie Stewart: Thawcrook

Rebecca Hill & Charlie Stewart: Thawcrook (Lomond RAC01)

Rebecca Hill & Charlie Stewart

Lomond Records RAC01 (CD, UK, 28 April 2023)

Rebecca Hill & Charlie Stewart: Thawcrook (Lomond RAC01)
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Recorded by Kevin Burleigh and Matthew Boyle at Gorbals Sound;
Mixed by Euan Burton at GloWorm Recording Ltd;
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works Mastering;
Photos by Euan Robertson;
Artwork and layout by Orla Stevens

At the Barrier album review by Seura Og


Rebecca Hill: harp;
Charlie Stewart: fiddle

Mischa MacPherson: vocals [9]


  1. On the Mountain: Roll Her on the Mountain / The Jovial Journalist (3.34)
  2. Angus Grant’s: Angus Grant’s / Gus the Fish (5.42)
  3. Mi Le M’ Uilinn (3.37)
  4. Out on the Roof (3.23)
  5. Let That Stand There: Loch Mullardoch / Let That Stand There (6.06)
  6. Cailleach a’ Ghobhainn: Echos of Scotty O’Neil’s / Cailleach a’ Ghobhainn (4.28)
  7. Iorram Iomraimh (3.44)
  8. Higher Ground: Lennox’s Love to Blantyre / Higher Ground / The Bride’s Reel (4.51)
  9. Aonghais Oig (4.29)

Track 1a, 5ab, 6b, 7, 8a, 9 trad.;
Track 1b Paul Steward Cranford;
Track 2a Allan Henderson;
Tracks 2b, 4, 8b Charlie Stewart;
Track 3 Murdo McFarlane;
Track 6a Bob McQuillen, rearranged Owen Marchall;
Track 8c James Scott Skinner


Rebecca Hill, Charlie Stewart and Mischa MacPherson perform Aonghais Oig:

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