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Nigel Pegrum Discography

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Bob Johnson and Peter Knight: The King of Elfland's Daughter (1977)

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (1977)

John Kirkpatrick: Going Spare (1977)

Isla St Clair: The Song and the Story (1981)

Andy Collins: Barron Delta Blue (2001)

Ken Davis: Celebration of Life (2001)

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Most of the information in this section is from Alistair Banfield. Thank you!

Nigel Pegrum was the owner of the “Plant Life” label. He also founded the label “Burlington” which seemed to be a subdivision of Plant Life later on but not initially.

I know of these records with Nigel playing on:

At this stage, i.e. about 1981/82, it seems Nigel stopped engineering with the Plant Life mobile and although the label continues no mention is made of him either engineering or producing. In fact from this date onwards the records seem to be either reissues of US or Australian recordings or self produced by the groups in question, e.g.

It may be that Nigel contributed to a number of other records without credits.

Probably the last recordings on the Plant Life label were Robin Williamson's Ten of Songs (PLR 081) and the Late Night Band's Kings of Baroque-a-Billy (PLR 082).